Meet Erinn






I'm Erinn! I am a 26 year old born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I am a displaced island girl living in New England but loving every second of it. I've been traveling the world since the ripe old age of 8, diving into cultures, camping out at museums and immersing myself into every bit of food that I can. I'm a sourdough enthusiast and Gordon Ramsey lover. My favorite time of day is chasing any sunset that I can.  

I've always had a knack for the arts. Taking pottery classes since 5th grade and dabbling in watercolors any chance I get so it's not too much of a surprise that my career took a turn into the artistic world.

When I'm not behind the camera, I'm spending my days with my little family. Being a wife and most importantly, mother to my little 1 year old boy. Eli is full of life, laugher, farts and hugs. He's shown me the world in such a simple and beautiful way. The a piece of my puzzle that I never knew I needed. He saved me in every way that a human can be saved and I know what love is because of him.

I always fought with imposter syndrome and the comparison game, constantly looking at others who were “making it” or had the “perfect life” happening for them. Once Eli came, none of that mattered. I gained a deeper understanding of real, raw, authentic connection. I started shooting in different ways and really fine tuning my craft. It was like a switched flipped and that light bulb is shining brighter than ever. I want my photos to be a portal back in time for my people. I want them to look through albums, photo books, and stacks of images that I created with them and marvel at the emotion that was in that moment.




I picked up my first camera in high school but at the time it was an easy A to get me my extra course credits. When I turned 18, I left. for college and got my degrees in Business and Marketing. My first photography gig fell in my lap when I was 20. I was instantly hooked and never understood why. I went through 6 different jobs from 18-23 years old. When I quit my last job it finally dawned on my why I always came back to photography. From the outside, this job looks like a quick way to make money but it’s so much more than that. The editing, back office work, hours of planning, creating mood boards, putting together outfits, refining my craft, content days, wedding days, wedding prep, client experience, etc. It really is such a complex job. I resonate with photography because it is me. Easy going on the outside but a complex cluster on the inside once you fully break in.

I love when I’m fully able to immerse myself into my people’s story and work with them on how they want it told. I never want you to think of me as another photographer or a vendor for your wedding day. I want you to see me as someone who truly cares to capture your story. I don’t want anything to ever feel forced, posed or rushed. Each person who steps in front of my lens is so complex in their own special way. They have different versions of themselves that all deserved to be captured. I love the moment when I’m able to show you the back of my camera and we all get giddy. I leave every session and wedding day eager to sit down at my computer and edit the night away.

When I’m editing, I give a piece of myself with each photo that I choose to be apart of your gallery. When delivery day comes, my people are more thrilled than ever and that’s why I do what I do. Hearing their excitement, reading their messages, feeling their love, it’s all apart of the amazing process. There is no bigger gift you can give someone than a memory they’ll cherish forever.

I always knew I was going to be in the creative space one way or another. I never was one to sit still and conform to society's views on what a normal 9-5 should be.

I've always loved thinking outside of the box and creating my own trends. Every shoot, every wedding, every couple; offers me that clean creative slate.

Pulling inspiration from nature and what's around me is what I do best. That is why I encourage everyone to choose a location that mirrors them. This will only better the turn out of your images and my creativity.

Every wedding and session is so different from the last. nothing is ever the same and it constantly pushes me to create something new

What Inspires Me

As most of you know, I'm a workaholic but yes, I still do and love things outside of this career 😂  Here are a few;

First, food is my love language. My palette mainly thrives in the asian area but I don't discriminate. I love sitting down for fresh sushi, finding a hole in the wall Mexican joint because you can't go wrong with birria tacos, a mushroom swiss burger is just WOW, garlic fries will reign supreme and the list goes on. If you're hungry after reading this, let's go get a bite together.

Second, traveling. I have had the biggest travel bug ever since I was a little girl. I was lucky enough to be going on international trips ever since I was little and have never taken seeing the world for granted. My favorite thing when traveling is taking a few extra days to visit historical sites and museums. I'm a BIGGGG history nerd,

The third one might seem simple but to me its where I find myself being cool, calm and collected. This might shock a few who know how loud and outgoing I can be but there are moments when I love sitting behind a pottery wheel or a blank canvas ready with watercolor paint to create whatever I have going on in my head. I was a big art kid ever since middle school. Don't think it's changing any time soon.

That's a little sneak into my life and a few of my favorite things that I do when I put the camera down. No matter where we are in the world or in life, we are all souls yearning for things that keep us centered and fulfill our inner child. As unique as I am, that is also you as well and why I can't wait to see your layers unfold.

Sushi, sushi, traveling, art and more sushi

My Favorite Things

My over all approach to the day is being authentically myself. Both in my personality and creatively. I show up to every wedding ready to give my 110% and excited to create a new piece of art. My confidence behind the lens is going to give you an easy going day and memories through imagery you won't even believe is real.

Some of my favorite moments to capture are a bride getting ready and a couple seeing each other for the first time. Watching the squad amp up their bride is everything. Seeing a couple interact for the first time, watching their nerves slip away and preparing themselves to go into this new season of life together; priceless.

All I need to get through a wedding day is my gallon jug of water and a bunch of beef jerky sticks. If you see me snacking on the side, I'm just making sure that I'm fully fueled to keep on going.

From the moment that you hand me your detail box till your after party commences, I'll be there like a wallflower documenting all the moments that are unfolding before me. Getting behind the scenes and a few polaroids to hand to you before out time is done together. Through every moment, documentary or not, just know that artistic imagery will be created.

anywhere you need me, i'll be there

Behind The Lens

My journey into this career wasn't your normal one. It was an opportunity that fell into my lap and I've been running with it ever since. There's nothing more unique than my journey and I'll never trade it for another.

With my view of this career always being carefree and artistic I bring a different vibe to the table. Of course technicalities are important but understanding the vision and being able to execute it artistically is not something everyone can do.

I pride myself in being able to make anyone that steps in front of my camera more comfortable that ever. My biggest compliment is the ones who are shy or typically don't want to be in front of the camera telling me their experience with my approach was easygoing and fun.

I'm confident that with your vision and my approach, we'll be able to create magic together and insane imagery that you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.


My View

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